Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our new wreck car ... and its stats!


2007 prius package 8 leather


Sold to Kent

Black/tan leather indiana rebuilt 29k


Hieronymus Plug in Prius! This is what ours will be like! Previous conversion by Steve!

We are having a new PHEV Prius built by in Indiana. On this site we will post pictures of our PHEV being built and the final project of course. What is a PHEV? It is a Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. There are only about 160 of them in the entire USA! When finished it will get about 10-15 miles on each electric charge going 52 m.p.h. or less or it will average over 100 mpg on assist to the regular hybrid set up.
The picture posted is of the car in its condition now! Wow! Steve is a genius! The battery pack is produced by Plug in Prius.